Create powerful minimalist forms and surveys.

Easily make delightful wizards and tests using Different question types including fill in the blanks, multiple choice, hotspot, and more with our wizard builder tool.

How does it work?

Create A Wizard

Make tests, exams & wizards with different types of wizard questions Add videos, images & media Security options

Share Your Wizard

Share on Facebook/Twitter Embed on your website Post on blogs Link to your Wizard Email/print

Analyze Results

Wizard stats & reports Instant grading Download results Track wizard takers Issue certificates

Wizard's Perfect for?

Very Useful for Student Assessments

Use Script to create secure exams, add instructions, schedule tests, and prevent cheating.

Most Powerful for Employee Assessments

Create employee assessment tests with builder to train and assess employees. Get administrative controls and delightful reports.

Practical when it comes to Online Tests

Configure settings to create secure online wizards, grant unauthorized access, and receive advanced performance reports.

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